Closing date of Scholarship Application – 4.00pm, Tuesday 05 June 2018
Successful applicants advised - Friday 08 June 2018

The Ministry of Education is offering scholarships for PLC members to attend CLESOL Conference 2018 of up to $1,600.00.

If you have any queries please email: kirsty.macdiarmid@education.govt.nz

Scholarship eligibility

To apply, you need to:
•    belong to an active ESOL PLC cluster
•    be a member of TESOLANZ http://www.tesolanz.org.nz
•    commit to attending all three days of the conference

Please note: we aim to award scholarships to ensure nationwide representation and sector representation from primary and secondary schools, including paraprofessionals.

What' covered?
The scholarship money will be a contribution towards
•    full conference registration fee ($525.00 early bird)
•    transport to and from Christchurch (flights/car mileage/public transport fares)
•    accommodation (if necessary)                                                                                                                                                                                

Please note: If successful, a combined payment will be made to the recipient's school.  The recipient will be responsible for booking their own flights, accommodation and conference registration and seeking reimbursement from their school.  Any additional costs will be the responsibility of the recipient in negotiation with their school.

•    Successful applicants will be expected to share their learnings from CLESOL with their own school staff and with their PLC cluster
•    Write a short reflection on their experience for publication in wither the ESOL Update or PLC Update
•    accommodation (if necessary)                    

How to apply - Applications are due by 4.00pm, Tuesday 05 June 2018

Please complete and sign the attached application form and return to kirsty.macdiarmid@education.govt.nz or
Migrant, Refugee, International Education
Private Bag 92644
Symonds Street
Auckland 1150

Applicants will need to provide the total amount that they are seeking for their scholarship.  Please itemise an approximate breakdown of this amount on your application.

Please note:
•    Early bird full conference registration is $525.00
•    Calculate travel mileage in your won vehicle at 73 cents a kilometre OR
•    Check available airfares and accommodation options for the appropriate dates

The scholarship amounts will vary as applicants living in or around Christchurch will not require accommodation and airfares, whereas those in other regions will incur these expenses.

Successful applicants will be advised by Friday 08 June 2018.

Applications need to be endorsed by the Principal as there is an element of school staff professional development involved in the process.

Questions? For more information, please email kirsty.macdiarmid@education.govt.nz